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How To Manage Deadlines

Whether you’re a high-flying exec or in your very first role, managing deadlines is a likely requirement of your job. It could be a huge, long-running project or smaller tasks you have to meet throughout every working week. Whatever the context, if you regularly struggle to meet your deadlines, there are ways to improve your management of them. Here are … Read More

6 Apps to Boost Productivity When Working From Home

You appreciate the flexibility and convenience of working from home—but sometimes, staying on task, instead of doing the dishes or running another load of laundry, is hard. If this sounds all too familiar, don’t worry—there’s an app for that! The following tools allow you to maximize workflow, maintain your focus, organize and prioritize, and much more, all while working from … Read More

Transfer of Business: How to Make Your Team Stay Productive

At TOPDOX we are always looking into new ways to improve team productivity and transfer of business can quickly become a headache for everyone involved. Sometimes, it’s the best possible move, but even great things aren’t always so easy. Up until the point where the new owners set their agenda, things will have to move along as usual. This can … Read More

Why a Fast Loading Website is Crucial

Does your website load as fast as it should? If not, you need to fix this problem as quickly as possible. Below are some of the main reasons why it’s essential to take action now. It Improves SEO The search engines keep getting smarter and their algorithms keep improving. Every search engine wants to ensure that the websites they recommend … Read More

B2B vs. B2C Email Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Recently, at TOPDOX we made a major pivot from B2C to B2B and even though social media is considered by many to be the most powerful digital marketing tool today, email marketing is not out of the game yet. In fact, most corporations both in and out of the US report that email still accounts for a large portion of … Read More

5 Bulletproof Strategies to Approach and Dominate Tasks You Hate

No one is bright and cheery all the time. We all have things we absolutely loathe doing, and we all know they aren’t going anywhere until we finally push through them. Nothing makes the tasks themselves any better, but changing the way we approach this kind of work can make the idea of getting things done a little more palatable. … Read More

How to 10X Your Organization’s Efficiency Using Knowledge Base?

For any type of modern business there is a digital solution for increasing productivity. The answer lies in intelligent techniques of knowledge base systems that can help transform the way corporations do business. Depending on the company’s goals, KBS offers specific actions for the target operations. A global digital asset such as knowledge management is the key to increasing efficiency … Read More

How to Hire and Manage Remote Employees

Talent knows no borders. Many people are open to the idea of hiring remote workers, creating a digital workforce that is built to take on everything. You can have team members that speak different languages, or specialty skillsets that you’ve been unable to access locally. Putting together a group of remote employees is a little different from hiring at home, … Read More

4 Ways To Increase Your Brand Presence

Every brand wants to be known. You want your customers to love you and the public to know about you. All of this is possible with the right formula and attitude. Believing in your brand is the first step. You have to invest time and money in building your brand if you want more visibility. It’s a process and will … Read More

This is how to spend the last 10 minutes of your working day

Everybody knows there aren’t enough hours in the day – and making the best use of available time can be a challenge. It gets frustrating when little pockets of time get wasted because you don’t know how to fill them. The last ten minutes at work are a great example of this – you’ve not got enough time to get … Read More

How can you remove a virus from your computer?

If your PC or laptop has started running a little slow, or you keep getting strange pop-ups, then there is a good chance a virus has infected your device. Trying to rid your computer of the virus can be a difficult process, because it may have affected areas of your system that will be hard to recover. This can really … Read More

4 Reasons Why CIO’s Need a Personal Knowledgebase

Every company has few key people who are capable of handling an abundance of tasks all at once. However, as a company continues to grow, it is necessary that these key figures are able to keep up the pace. CIO is one such important role in a company. This position carries a wide set of responsibilities and tasks. To successfully … Read More

The Most Common Coding Mistakes Revealed

Learning a new programming language is fundamentally no different than learning a foreign language. You need plenty of practice in order to get the hang of it and that process of trial and error can produce some hilarious mistakes. Whether you’re learning Java, Python, C++ or a completely different coding language, it’s essential to keep an eye out for little … Read More

How Audiences See Your Social Media Presence (and How to Improve It)

Social media – now present in our lives for more than a decade – originally started as a rather intimate way to keep in touch with friends and family from anywhere in the world. As it has grown, so too has the purposes it serves. Many people now get a majority of their entertainment and news through these platforms, making … Read More

12 Office Desk Hacks to Improve Your Productivity

The 21st century desk is supposed to be the optimum workstation. With our turbo-powered computers, wireless mice and headphones, it seems we have it all. Yet so many of us seem to struggle to get through our daily workloads. So how can you improve your desk environment to boost your output? With just a little bit of effort, it’s possible … Read More

How to Run A Business While Traveling For Six Months Every Year

Traveling and running the business at the same time, is just the same with running the business on site. The only difference is that you are not physically present in the workplace. Does that make you any less capable of doing the job? No! Will your business fail because you are absent? Definitely not! This means that if given the … Read More


Five days a week or 40 hours is the standard for full-time employment. Working 50 to 70 hours isn’t unheard of though. Are the extra hours worth it? The studies and real-life examples showing the relationship between working hours and productivity might surprise you. This is why you should use tools like TOPDOX to improve your productivity and get things … Read More

Agile: How One Marketing Agency Doubled Efficiency in 90 Days

Yokel Local is an inbound marketing agency in Las Vegas that has roots in SEO. Because of the continually changing online environment and the breadth of expertises required to pull off a successful inbound campaign, we place a huge emphasis on workplace productivity and continual and never-ending improvement for our clients. Because of this, our entire agency has switched over … Read More

The True Costs of Multi-Tasking

Is Multitasking Worth It?  Studies Say No Multitasking.  It’s often a word you hear thrown out in the world. Some people think it’s great, while others say they can’t do more than one thing at once.  Even if you think you’re the master at multitasking, did you know that recent reports have come out claiming it could actually decrease your … Read More

Why You Need a Microsoft Cloud Backup

The whole world is seemingly moving towards big data, as the information businesses accumulate can shape the future success of a company. Organisations amass various files, contact details and financial information every day, so it is essential to maintain data as much as possible – and a backup Microsoft Office 365 solution can help you to do so. You can … Read More

A Comprehensive Digital Transformation Checklist

The digital revolution has arrived at a quicker rate than anyone ever expected. While many new companies are born with digital technologies embedded into their operations, more traditional businesses are having to play catch-up. Unfortunately, this can provide their modern competitors with an industry advantage. With the marketplace becoming more competitive than ever before, and customer demand and expectation changing, … Read More

5 Steps to the Perfect Product Presentation

Have you got an upcoming product presentation that you want to impress your clients with? It’s a common concern of many business owners, sales people and other individuals. When this type of presentation goes well, things run extremely smoothly. However, if you fail to prepare properly, you could be losing sales and this unprofessional approach could harm your business’s reputation. … Read More

How to Take Better Breaks at Work

How do you spend your downtime at work? Taking breaks is important, but what you do with your break can make a really big difference to the way you perform when you get back to the task at hand. Use your breaks wisely, and they can make you more energized, creative, and productive – and have a positive long-term impact … Read More

5 tips to boost your digital marketing strategy

Marketing methods are constantly being adapted and improved, both through advances in technology and better ways of analyzing the effectiveness of any marketing campaigns. You can now obtain much deeper data around the success of campaigns, so you can amend your strategy gradually based on regular campaign data. Staying up to date with the latest digital marketing strategies is critical, … Read More

Microsoft Office 365 for Windows File Servers (SMB)

TOPDOX made it possible! Windows File Servers (SMB) can now work Office 365. Microsoft Office 365, by default, provides its users a OneDrive account to create, save, and sync documents. Users who work with different clouds have to migrate to OneDrive or have to acquire it as additional cloud storage. To fix this issue, Office 365 opened the opportunity for … Read More

TOPDOX for Desktop – Mac & Windows

TOPDOX is a secure cloud file manager who´s vision is to improve connectivity among people; easy and quick connectivity that will empower users. For that same reason, it connected all major cloud storages and file servers into a single platform for people to access, edit, and file share from anywhere. However, these features are not only available on the Web … Read More

Microsoft Office 365 support in HipChat

Cloud computing is no longer a static tool, it has been incorporated into messaging applications allowing customers to share their private files with ease. There is an extensive list of messaging applications existing at this moment. Surely, most of you already use two or more of them. Nonetheless, one that is growing exponentially is the HipChat messaging app. HipChat is … Read More

3 Ways to Create a Better Work-Life Balance

As a millennial, you’re part of a generation that values work-life balance more than any other. A 2016 Gallup poll found 57 percent of millennials cite a healthy balance between work and play as “very important.” Work-life balance is just as vital for millennial small business owners, too. A 2016 study by Xero reported 79 percent of millennial small business owners measure success not … Read More

10 powerful tips to create your first eBook.

Create an eBook can be a challenge That’s why we are sharing this 10 tips will that help you to succeed on writing and selling your first eBook. By Karen Evans. Source: Start Blogging Online

How Outsourcing Can Revolutionize Productivity

Whether you’re a freelancer, the head of a SME, or even the chief executive of a Fortune 500 company, the challenge remains: how can you maximise the productivity of your workforce, boosting your bottom line and allowing your business to fulfil its objectives? One of the many solutions being presented by the growing trend towards increased global connectivity and the … Read More