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HipChat Server says hello to Windows File Servers (SMB) with TOPDOX

The “cloud” took the enterprise by storm and thousands if not millions of companies all around the world are migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud and subscribing to third party cloud software services to run their business. Cloud is the future, no doubt about that. But even companies migrating their entire infrastructures to the cloud cannot ensure their migration … Read More


TOPDOX loves Slack Trusted by thousands, TOPDOX Documents Platform is the ultimate file access and sharing solution for mobile that honors your current company infrastructure. Without migrations. And now TOPDOX closely integrates with Slack through a bot that allows anyone in your organization, team or workgroup to search, access and share files instantly, creating a collaborative workflow between your team … Read More

TOPDOX for Business has landed

TOPDOX for BUSINESS It’s been a period of hectic work here at TOPDOX, and today we’re proud to announce that TOPDOX for BUSINESS has finally landed. What is TOPDOX for BUSINESS? TOPDOX was, until today, a way for a single student, professional or worker to manage his/her own cloud files and documents efficiently: but we now aim for more. We … Read More

Launching TOPDOX for Mac

Today we are exciting to launch a new addition to the TOPDOX family. TOPDOX is now available for Mac. We are living exciting times. Everywhere, we see more and more tools that make our lives easier and everything much smother. Here at TOPDOX, we are making everything possible to develop products that help you achieve exactly that. With TOPDOX for iOS, … Read More

TOPDOX at Social Now

In the last two days, we attended Social Now, an international event, already in its 5th edition, with a unique format, conceived to help participants choose social tools and identify approaches to improve workforce efficiency. For TOPDOX this was a first. For 30 min, we had the chance to show what TOPDOX is all about to a group of CIO’s, … Read More

Launching TOPDOX for HipChat

Are you a HipChat user? TOPDOX is now available on HipChat. With the TOPDOX for HipChat Add-on, you can easily collaborate with your team by accessing & reading any document without leaving HipChat. Open and share files directly on ROOMS from your favourite cloud provider (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive), even from multiple cloud accounts. Install TOPDOX for HipChat … Read More

TOPDOX for HipChat brings cloud storage and office documents into chat

A revolution is going on in messaging. It’s no longer only about sending text and sharing links, videos, pictures, and audio. From smart bots to “in context” actions, the possibilities are endless. HipChat is leading this revolution. Using HipChat Connect, the most powerful integration platform out there, we can build complete apps and present them “in context” to the user … Read More

TOPDOX is now Universal! Hello, Windows 10!

It’s time to introduce you to TOPDOX for Windows 10. Over the past few months, our team has been working hard to launch a version of TOPDOX for Windows 10 users. This will work not only on mobile (smartphones & tablets), but also on PC’s. It’s Universal! But before we show you around, let’s get to what you really want … Read More

The TOPDOX Highlights of 2015

What a phenomenal year 2015 has been. Looking back it’s incredible to see how much we’ve been able to learn, accomplish and grow both as a company and as individuals. To each and every one of you who helped make this year amazing, congratulations. And thank you. Here are the TOPDOX highlights of 2015: About 1 Million Euros raised We … Read More

Holiday Season made easy with TOPDOX

If all you want this holiday season is to celebrate love and friendship, you better read this article and take some notes. Technology will help you to forget the stress associated with this season and TOPDOX will be a key factor for your most successful and pleasant holiday season ever. We put together a list of the priority holiday chores … Read More

London Calling! TOPDOX was at TechCrunch Disrupt

A new name, more features and the announcement of TOPDOX for Android devices. These are the highlights of TechCrunch Disrupt in London! We are getting used to TechCrunch, but we will never get tired of these events. After San Francisco in last September, we headed to London to attend TechCrunch Disrupt. As usual, we found the brightest startups, wise investors, … Read More

Hello, Android Users! TOPDOX is now available for you!

A few weeks ago we opened the beta access to TOPDOX app for Android. Since then we have received positive feedback and patience from many of you. Today, we are thrilled to share that we are officially at Google Play and everyone can use the powerful app that we built with so much love (and sweat) for you. In short, … Read More

TOPDOX being awesome at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2015: friendly atmosphere, dozens of exciting startups and interesting speakers. Last week, part of TOPDOX team was at the conference in order to showcase our app. And we had a great time there! The first day at TechCrunch started with a fireside chat with SV Angel’s Ron Conway and Topher Conway. A few fireside chats later, Drew … Read More

Help Us Test the TOPDOX Web App

We’ve been hard at work developing a great version of TOPDOX app for your computer. The web app brings the best of TOPDOX to your computer and it’s essential to help you managing all your cloud storage services. By using the web app you will have the possibility to search and share documents on all your cloud storage services. You … Read More