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Last minute ideas for the Holidays and some gifts from TOPDOX

With 2016 reaching its end we know that the Holidays are upon us. Every year we promise ourselves we’ll have everything ready in time. And every year the last week is a rush! Well, at least for me. In any case, there’s always room for some more magic and time to receive a gift! Giving and helping If you still … Read More

How to kickstart your day – The Essential Guide

Some say that the secret for a productive day, lies in what you accomplish in the first hours of the day. Your mood and energy levels will be very much defined by how you handle your morning routine. Morning routine So, the first thing you need to do is having a morning routine. This may sound obvious, but lots of … Read More

Productivity tips for working at home

The number of people working from home is rising. We have talked before about remote workers and digital nomads and by now it’s clear that what was once a trend, is now completely changing the workplace. While working at home increases flexibility and comfort, it’s not that difficult to fall into the trap of the “I’ll do it later”. Too … Read More

What that heck are recruiters looking for?!

Should I focus on getting the best grades?! Should I have lots of extra curriculares? Or just one or two?! Should I do a Summer internship? Work at a Junior Enterprise? Learn a third language? These are all questions, that at some point or another, have crossed your mind.   Well, all these things are indeed important to land your … Read More

Why music at work increases your productivity, backed by science.

With more and more mobile devices and music stream services available, music is entering the workplace, in a BIG way. Without a doubt, we are seeing an increasing number of companies that allow employees to listen to music and some of them even incentivize it.   But the question, hangs in the air: Is it smart for companies to allow … Read More

Thinking about having an experience abroad? 8 things to take into account in your decision.

Have you ever considered working abroad? Living in a foreign country and start a new career path over there? We gathered some thoughts on why you might consider doing this. 1. Develop intercultural competencies Once you live in another country you are automatically exposed to another culture. The working style might be different and you might face some problems with … Read More

5 tips to help you cope with criticism

It’s inevitable, that once in awhile, we face some criticism. Sometimes, dealing with criticism is not easy and things can get out of hand and our careers or personal lives can suffer. To help you cope with criticism, we gathered 5 actionable tips. Please share your experiences with us in the comments below. We would to hear from you. 1. … Read More

Get a world-class education for free! 10 websites that you need to know.

We are all very privileged for leaving in a time where amazing content is available for free online. Google any topic and you will find in-depth analysis, light articles, long explanations, videos, podcasts, you name it. With so many available resources online, the question sometimes is, where should I start? We made a list of 10 websites where you can find … Read More

Thinking about starting a blog?! 10 reasons why you should do it.

Like Bill Gates said “Content is king” and if you are not putting content out there, you are missing out! Starting a blog it’s super easy the problem comes later when you are busy or lazy and don’t want to keep on writing. Hopefully, the following 10 points will give you extra motivation to keep going. 1. Improve your writing … Read More

TED Talks on how to live a happier & more successful working life

Our article on “5 TED Talks that you need to watch in 2016” was one of our most popular posts this year, so we decided to do a second edition, but this time focus on a set of TED Talks that will help you see productivity, success and the way you work in a completely different way. Got a meeting? … Read More

How to use social media for your personal advantage

Your performance on social media can make or break your career. Social networks are a great way to amplify your message, gain leverage and make sure you can reach more and more people. However, this can be a double edge sword. If by mistake you share the wrong message, this could mean the end of your career.   Today, we … Read More

5 must-listen podcasts that will make you smarter and wiser!

Podcasts are trending again and they are a great way to learn and be inspired. I personally can’t live without my podcasts. I listen to then in my morning daily commute, when I’m exercising and sometimes when I’m having lunch. With more than 300.000 podcasts on Itunes, it can be hard to separate the signal from the noise, so here … Read More

10 essential tools for salespeople

“The moment man first picked up a stone or a branch to use as a tool, he altered irrevocably the balance between him and his environment.“ – James Burke Finding the right tools can really make a difference in your professional life. The right tools can leverage your work and help you become even more productive. So, to simplify your … Read More

5 Women in Tech you should know about

Everyone knows that tech industry is mainly a man’s world. However, there are still women with relevant roles in tech companies – from early stage startups to well-known online services. We selected 5 women who are leading teams all over the world to create successful products or services. Marcela Sapone, Hello Alfred, co-founder At 29 years old she’s already on … Read More

Silicon Valley Startups: The pioneers in providing perks to their workforce

Silicon Valley startups are well know for the amazing perks they offer their employees. It goes beyond the now common coffee and snacks. Startups big and small are fighting hard to attract the best talent in the world and go the extra mile to offer the most original and sometimes weird perks you can think of. Nap Pods Ever found … Read More

Workplace rules: How can they contribute for an increased productivity at work?

Having some office rules can be a good thing! They provide structure and are like a framework everyone has to follow. There are also informal and flexible rules, also know as “the unwritten rules of work”. Today, we are telling you what the most helpful workplace rules are and why they will make you more productive. Pick the best times … Read More

How to live your passions – The Essential Guide

“The only truly safe thing you can do is to try over and over again. To go for it, to get rejected, to repeat, to strive, to wish. Without rejection there is no frontier, there is no passion, and there is no magic.” ― James Altucher, Choose Yourself Young boys dream of becoming professional football players and most girls want … Read More

Learn from the best: 5 ways to transform your workspace

This is not a post about architecture, decoration, salaries and the amount of money a company has in the bank. This is a post about how your company can foster innovation, achieve better results and attract the best workers out there. Make your office less like an office. Learn with Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s company is not the only one doing … Read More

5 reasons to embrace the cloud

We’ve probably all been here, or at least a good part of us: new technologies and new tools find us pretty skeptical at the beginning, as we know what we’re leaving but not what is expecting us. This has happened with many transitions: from radio to television, from horses to cars, from “brickphones” to smartphones, and will very likely continue … Read More

7 unconventional tips for work/life balance

We all know the frustration of being completely swamped in work and not having enough time for our family and friends, not to mention, time for ourselves. But is this really necessary? Of course there is always work to do and lots of things you want to accomplish. However you should also think about your personal well-being. So the important … Read More

How to Survive Your First job interview?

You searched for a job, sent your application and now you finally received that call/e-mail that you have expected with your fingers crossed. It’s time to face your first job interview! After the first hours of joy, the nerves willl probably show up and you start feeling intimidated by the possibility of failing in your first job interview. However, a … Read More

5 people you want to work with

Most of the times, the success of a business idea or a new project depends more on the quality of the team than anything else. You want to have a balanced team with people that respect each other, complement each other skillswise and push each other forward. We came up with 5 personalities traits that you can identify in people, you … Read More

5 TED Talks that you need to watch in 2016

TED is the ultimate platform to learn about nearly any topic you can imagine. We select 5 TED Talks you need to watch in 2016.  1. Meet the SixthSense Interaction
 What if you could have any information just at the moment you need it without a big effort? What if you could interact with your surroundings only using your hands? … Read More

Want to work in a startup? See how to choose the right startup for you!

For those seeking a job, especially the ones entering the job market, a job in a startup sounds like an exciting opportunity. However, if you just want to join a startup because it seems the sexiest career choice today get prepared. Working in a startup is challenging, but also risky. You will face great opportunities and a set of rewards. … Read More

How to make your daily commute more productive

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” – Bruce Lee You would like to follow Bruce Lee’s advice, but are you wasting too much time every day with commuting? Change your attitude and make your commute productive. We gathered some ideas on how you can make the most out of your … Read More

10 Must-read blogs for productivity junkies

If like us, you like to maximize the amount of things you can do and are always looking for tools, tips and hacks to become even more productive, you are going to enjoy these 10 blogs we selected for you. 1. Ryan Holiday Blog Ryan Holiday is a media strategist and the author of Trust Me I’m Lying, Growth Hacker … Read More

10 time-management mistakes you should avoid

We all know it! There are way too many things we would like to or have to do. How can you find time to get ready for the upcoming exams, still go to work and meet friends? Well, we don’t have the solution but we have a list of things you should avoid at all costs! 1. Missing to make … Read More

5 TOP Tips to start up your career in a hot startup

Already finished with University? Perhaps you are aiming a job in a company where you can show what you have learned, improve your skills and get inspired by your co-workers. There are millions of companies in the world, some of them labeled as “startups”. Startups have acquired a huge reputation next to young professionals, especially with their cool offices and … Read More

In rescue of students: 15 tools to help you achieve more

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” – Peter F. Drucker Peter Drucker, the famous economist, knew well how important time management can be. Unfortunately most people learn time management the hard way and spend sleepless nights catching up with work and feeling miserable. We’ve selected some useful tools that will help you make the most of … Read More

10 productivity tools for remote workers

Remote working has been in the headlines for the past couple of years. For those who have been distracted, some companies are eliminating offices and allowing their team members to work from wherever they want. It might be home, a coffee shop or a nice coworking space. Companies like Buffer, Automattic, Basecamp, Helpscout, Zapier and Todoist are well known for … Read More